The Discounts section is visible under the Profile tab in the Control Panel.

When you click    the following tab will appear on the right side of your screen,

Discount value can be set using the Percentage or Amount option. You can enter the value in the field by selecting the Discount type as shown below:

1. Percentage discount

2. Flat dollar discount


3. Limit to orders more than $:

You can apply Limits to your discount. When you add a value here then that becomes the min order amount required to avail of the discount.

4. Order Type

 We can use this to define discount to be specific to a service type  or ALL service types

5. Source Channel

You can define if the discount is available for a specific channel. Orders coming from either the restaurant's website or the Zuppler's website or from the restaurant's app, using this option you can specify the channel the discount is applicable to.

6. First Time User Discount 

By checking this then the discount that we are creating will be for one-time use only and the system will prompt the user to create an account and post creating with that email ID user can only use this discount once.

7. Promo Discount by checking this we can create promo codes that can be shared with the user and to avail of the discount, they will have to enter the code while ordering online. There are 2 types of promo discount.

  1. Unique code:-This is used when you want to give all of your customers the same promo code

  2. Multiple code:-This can be used when you want to give a discount to customers with separate promo  codes.

8. You can specify the time limit

The number of days you want this discount to last choosing the Starting and the ending date of the discount.

9. Days of the week Check Box 

You can check/uncheck the days the discount will be valid in a week.

Enable discounts?

 First, just navigate to the Configuration tab in your Customer Control Panel and choose any of the options:

Then, from the sidebar on the right, choose "Loyalty Services"

If you don't see Zuppler Discounts listed, just add them from the Add New button on the top right, and choose Zuppler Discounts.

Don't forget to hit the blue Save button when you're done.  Your discounts should be active and live at this point.