A curbside pickup order is a service by which the customer can collect their order while remaining seated in their vehicles. And the restaurant staff brings the order to them.

Here is the process defined in the Curbside Order Flow on how the order goes through different stages from the order placement to the order picked up by the guest.

Once the customer places a curbside order, they can track the order status here (as shown in the following screenshot).


<<< Go to the CS app > Order > Support tab >>>

In the Support tab, you can see the entire workflow. 

1. In this case, the order has been placed and is awaiting confirmation from the restaurant end.

(the order is in the order placed node)


2. Once you click the Confirm Order button,


an email and SMS are sent to the customer notifying them about the confirmation of their order placed.

Below is an example of the SMS that goes to the customer. It includes the details about the type of order placed and the confirmation code.


3. When the order is ready to be picked up by the customer, you can hit the “Order ready” button.

(the order follows the Curbside Order flow)


4. On arrival, the customer can hit on the ARRIVED button to notify the restaurant that they have reached and are waiting at the curbside.

Note: They will also receive an SMS containing the link to the page where they can click on the "arrived" button.


(With this, the order moves to the Customer Arrived node)


Now, once your staff member goes out to hand over the order to the customer, you can mark it as “Picked Up”.


Refresh the page to see the updated status. You can also click on the radio buttons to track the order status.


(The order has reached the Order Completed node)

Note: For a curbside order, the restaurant can mark the order Completed if the user doesn’t click on the link and goes into the restaurant to collect the order.

The complete order status along with their time will be visible to the customers as shown below –