SMS order notifications allow you to use any cell phone with texting capability to receive and confirm incoming orders. With this form of notification and confirmation, the restaurant staff should be expecting orders to be sent and confirmed via an SMS text message(es). 

Once an order is placed, it will be texted to the phone numbers provided to your onboarding contact. The text will have all order information and will also prompt the confirmation of the order.

When the order is placed and sent to the restaurant contact, it looks like this:

At this point, you just need to confirm that you've received the order and that it's in process.  To do that, just send a response that follows this simple format:

CONFIRM (Confirmation Code) (Expected prep time in minutes) 

For example, the above order could be confirmed with a text of:

CONFIRM 3835 20

And this would confirm that you've received the order and that the customer can expect to receive this in 20 minutes.  Keep in mind that the prep time should ideally match the desired prep time that the customer has requested. 

Please see an example of a successful order confirmation below:

Once this reply is sent, the order will be moved to Confirmed status.

If the SMS text is not replied to within minutes, the order will go into a missed state., at which point our support team will then reach out to the restaurant to confirm the missed order.

Our customer service team is available 24/7, please reach out to them with any questions or concerns with the orders, they can reach out to the customers on your behalf to update, edit or cancel orders. 1-888- ZUPPLER (9877537).