1. Order(s) will be received to the restaurant via the provided email right after the user places the order. 

    a. Click on Confirm/ View Order 

2. Orders will be confirmed via the Customer Service App through customer-service.zuppler.com. 

    a. Click CONFIRM, the order will update within a minute to confirmed status and turn green.


All orders should be confirmed ASAP, an order will go into a missed state after 4 minutes. If an order is not confirmed our support team will reach out to the restaurant within 24 hours of the due date to confirm the order. 

Our customer service team is available 24/7, please reach out to them with any questions or concerns with the orders, they can reach out to the customers on your behalf to update, edit or cancel orders. help@zuppler.com 1-888- ZUPPLER (987-7537).