This is for catering orders or larger orders.It is different than the prep time, as prep time is applied when the restaurant is currently open so its within the restaurant's hours of operation on how much prep time is needed. Cut Off are typically set up for catering orders which have 24 hr or 48 hr cut off. This setting is used for catering menus to throttle their order and regular restaurants with more ASAP order use prep time to throttle the order.

Control Panel > Configuration > click Add Cut Off Duration.

The following tab will appear on the right side of the screen.

  1. Duration : enter the time required for this cut off

  2. Min Order Amount : define the minimum range of the order amount for this cut off

  3. Max Order Amount : define the maximum range of the order amount for this cut off

Configuration Explained:

  1. Orders with amounts between $50 and $500 have a 24 hours notice time.

  2. Orders with amounts over $500 has a 48 hours notice time