Specifying your hours of operation:-

Go to Control panel >Profile >Hours of operation.

The following will show up on the screen,

There will be 3 choices to divide your hours of operation in,




The above three types divide the hours of operation which comes in handy when you want to manage your delivery timings.

Managing delivery periods:-

Go to Control panel >Configuration >Delivery >Edit Delivery.

The following page will show up on the right side of your screen as shown below,

Here if you see on the bottom right corner of your screen, you can choose between what timings and what days you want to deliver.

On the days or time periods (based on hours of operation) when you don't want to deliver you need to have those unchecked.

Let say you do not deliver during breakfast hours then you simply un-check all the days under breakfast as shown below

This combined with the hours of operation is used to determine the delivery time period,i.e.when you will make the delivery.

Specifying delivery start and end time:-

Regardless of your hours of operation,let's say you start your delivery only by 11:00 AM, this is when this function is used.

To enable this just check the box labeled as Delivery start time and Delivery cut off and select the start time and end time,as show in the image below.


How do you account for your delivery time?

Go to the Control panel--->Configuration--->Delivery--->Rules.

The following screen will show up in front of you,

  1. As you can see the additional delivery time is given 60 mins which means that this 60 mins will be added over your preparation time , to give the customer a total delivery time.

  2. Let's say if you get orders above a specific amount and you need more time to deliver it,

You can just simply click on the edit tab marked as ‘2’, and add extra delivery time to your order,

Now the total time for delivery= Prep time+delivery time+additional delivery time.