Learn how to add a menu category in a menu and what all are its properties.

Initial Steps

1. Be on the Control Panel

2. Go to Menu tab


How to add a menu category and what are its properties?

Select a menu, let's go with the Wednesday Special menu that we have created in the previous article - 2. Adding a Specials Menu.

1. Go to Wednesday special,

2. Click on Add category,

Now go to the Wednesday Special's Category (properties window) that appears on the right side of your computer screen which looks like the following screenshot:

Important: Make sure that the Show this category check-box is checked-in.

      Let's consider the options given in the properties window:

  • Name

Add a category name, let's call it Pizza 

  • Description 

Add a description, let's say - gourmet pizza

  • Select picture

You can attach a picture to the category. 

Click on Select picture and pick a picture from the gallery.

1. You can select a menu item from the panel on the left side of the screen (as shown in the following screenshot).
2. You can also search for an item in the search bar on the top (see the screenshot below)

  • Min order quantity

This option is primarily used for the catering menus. For example, let's say, you're adding a category called Platter which contains 12 sandwiches. So if you set the minimum order quantity to be 1 that means that the customer must at least order 12 sandwiches from that category to make it a platter. This means the customer can add the number to or greater than 12, for example, 12,13,14,15, and so on.

  • Allow only multiples

This option is also used for the catering menus. The customer can only place an order in multiples of the number of items that constitute a single catering order. Let's take the above example, the Platter contains 12 sandwiches so after allowing only in multiples, the customer can only order in the multiples of 12, such as 12, 24, 36, 48, and so on to make the platter. So the customer can't check-out if it's not in the multiples of 12.

Here, since we're not creating a catering menu, we'll leave them as it is.

  • Sizes

You can name different sizes your menu items come in. Add the sizes with commas in between them.

For example, small, medium, large

And Save it

The above settings will look like this:

  • Hit Save again and now you have created a category called Pizza with the description saying gourmet pizza.

How to add an item to the menu category?


1. Hover over the Pizza category and click Add Item,

Go to the Add New Item in Pizza properties window on the right side of the screen.

2. Add Name, let's say you want to add BBQ chicken pizza,

3. Select the sizes this pizza comes with, (it will automatically have all sizes checked-in).

Let's say BBQ Chicken Pizza only comes in medium and large sizes, then uncheck the small check-box,

4. Save it