In this article, you'll learn how to add a menu item to the menu category and how it will show up in the order online menu.

Initial Steps

1. Be on the Control Panel

2. Go to Menu tab


How to add an item to the menu category?

In the previous article - 3. Adding a Menu Category, we created a Pizza category in the Wednesday Special menu.

So in this guide, you'll learn how to add an item to the Pizza category.

1. Select the Wednesday Special menu,

2. Hover your mouse over the Pizza category and

3. Click on Add Item


 Let's say, you want to add a BBQ Chicken Pizza item that comes in all three sizes.

1. Add Name

2. Check-in all three sizes, i.e. small, medium, and large

3. Save it

Now the BBQ Chicken Pizza has been added to the Pizza category which looks like the following screenshot:

  • To add price to the item, click on BBQ Chicken Pizza

Now, you have to add prices to all three sizes of the item separately. 

Let's assign the following prices to the sizes:

small - $8.99

medium - $10.99

large -  $15.99

Take the following steps for all three sizes:

1. Click on a particular size under SIZES and

2. Click on the price under SIZE INFORMATION to give them a price

See an example below:

Note: If the category doesn't have sizes, you can only assign a single price to the item.

Now you have created a Menu Item that comes with three different sizes along with their different prices.

How the item will show up on the Order online menu?

1. Go to the Online ordering page,


Note: $8.99+, where + indicates that this particular item comes in additional sizes sizes with prices.

How to add an item to the bag?

1. Hover over the item (BBQ Chicken Pizza) and click anywhere on it or on Customize,

Now it will ask the customer to choose a size - small, medium, or large

2. Select a size, 

3. Click on Add to bag

How to remove a particular size of the item?

Let's assume you no longer provide the BBQ Chicken Pizza in small size and you want to remove it.

1. So first select the small size, then 

2. Go to Remove,

3. Click Remove BBQ chicken pizza with size small in Pizza,

4. Hit OK to confirm the removal

Note: By clicking on Remove BBQ Chicken Pizza in Pizza, you can delete the item with all three sizes.