There's a single option to bring back the deleted items or items with a particular size. Follow the guide to learn how you can add back the deleted size of an item.

Initial Steps

1. Be on Control Panel,

2. Go to Menu tab

In the previous article - 4. Adding a Menu Item, we tried removing the small size of the BBQ Chicken Pizza item.

So in this article, you'll learn how to add back the removed small size of a BBQ Chicken Pizza item.

Go to Wednesday Special > Pizza > BBQ Chicken Pizza


1. Go to Edit,

2. Click on Add BBQ Chicken Pizza with size small

Now the small size has been added back to the item, as shown in the following screenshot:

You might have noted that the price of the item didn't restore, this means you have to add the price again, so for this,

1. Click on the small size and

2. Click on Price