In this article, we'll take a look at the properties of a menu item. How to change settings for a single order or catering order, how to use coupons, and the use of barcode and discounts.

Initial Steps

1. Be on the Control Panel

2. Go to Menu tab


You can choose any menu item in any menu category of a menu. Here, for example, let's take a look at the options available for the BBQ Chicken Pizza menu item in the Specials category of the Wednesday Special menu (that we created in the article - 2. Adding a Specials Menu)

Take the following steps:

1. Go to Wednesday Special,

2. Go to Specials,

3. Click on BBQ Chicken Pizza

4. Hit Edit, then,

5. Edit with item details (here, Edit BBQ Chicken Pizza details)

What are the properties of an item?

Now, let's go through the different options provided for a menu item in the Add/Edit Item settings.

Figure 1: Settings for a single order

Settings for a single order

(See figure 1)

  • Name and Description: You can change the name and description of an item in a menu category that will override the default name and description setting of the dish.

  • Price: You can change and update the price for the specific item in a category.

Note: If you want to make it a catering order, you will have to add the total price for the number of people the order serves.
For example, if you set Serving Qty to 5(i.e. 5 people), add total amount for 5 people.
(See figure 2; also, follow up to learn more)

Settings for a catering order

The following options are primarily used for the catering orders:

  • Min quantity: Min quantity is the total number of an item that the customer can order.

           For example, if you set the min quantity to 3, then the customer is forced to order at least 3 units of the same item.

  • Serving quantity: Serving quantity is the number of people who can be served with the order. You can set serving quantity to 1 when the order serves a single person.

Serving quantity can be used for the catering order where the menu item can be ordered in bulk quantity.

For example, you have a catering tray that serves 5 people. So when a customer is ordering from a menu, they will know how many people are served with a tray. So accordingly, the customer will order the number of trays to serve those many numbers of people.

  • Serving label: It is the name that you give to a particular serving quantity, for example, Platter, Tray, etc.

Catering order: Setup and Output



1. Add the total number of people served from a tray,

2. Add the total price per tray,

3. Set serving label name, and

4. Save it

       Figure 2: Settings for a catering order


1. Go to Order online menu

2. Go to WEDNESDAY SPECIAL > Specials

The BBQ Chicken Pizza item shows up with the price and number of people it serves.

Click on the BBQ Chicken Pizza and you can see it says Platter (5 ppl) which means its a platter that serves 5 people. 


1. You can increase and decrease the number of platters usingand  as shown in the following screenshot;

2. The system automatically sums the total amount.

To learn about menu category settings for a catering menu check this article - 3. Adding a Menu Category

  • Barcode

Barcode is a machine-readable label that contains information about the item attached to it.

Although, Barcode is mainly used when you want to assign code to an item so that the machine can read the barcode and show the details of the item.

Talk to your account manager to know more.

Coupons: Setup and Output

  • Coupons: Any item in your menu can be made a coupon with which two rules apply -

1. Only one coupon per order can be applied.

2. Coupons and discounts cannot be combined. So if you're applying a discount, the system will not let you add an item which is marked as a coupon.

So if you check-in the Coupon box, two options are made available to you:

  • Coupon applies to orders more than $_____

Here, add the min amount of order for which the coupon can be applied.

For example, if you add $10, the system will not let you apply the coupon if you order below $10.

  • Coupon code: You can assign a coupon code to an item so that only the customer with the coupon will be able to place an order.


1. Let's add VIP as a coupon code and

2. Save it


The BBQ Chicken Pizza item of the Specials category won't appear until the customer enters the right code.

So when the customer clicks on it, 

1. They can enter the code and 

2. Hit OK to see the item

The item will then appear to the customers.

  • Discounts can be applied

The last checkbox says if you want to enable or disable discounts for the item.

You can un-check the box if that menu is already discontinued and you don't want to offer additional discounts.