In this article, you'll learn how you can use Multiple selection and Modifier multiplier options for your modifier items.

What is the difference?

  • Multiple selection is used when you want to allow customers to add more than 1 type of modifier item.
  • Modifier multiplier is used when you want to allow customers to increase the amount of a specific modifier item.

Initial Steps

1. Be on the Control Panel

2. Go to Menu tab


How to add a Multiple Modifier?

You can choose any menu item in any menu category of a menu. Here, for example, let's take a look at the BBQ Chicken Pizza menu item in the Pizza category of the Wednesday Special menu that we created in article - 3. Adding a Menu Category.

Let's say, the BBQ Chicken Pizza comes with toppings such as - Onions, Green peppers, and Mushrooms. And you want to allow customers to select more than 1 topping (Multiple modifier) along with a choice to double or triple the number of a specific item (Modifier multiplier).

So let's first add a Toppings modifier.


1. Go to "Modifiers..."

2. Go to "...all items in Pizza category",

Note: You can also make it an Item level modiifer.

3. Add Name (let's call it Toppings on Whole Pizza),

4. Check-in Multiple selection (this enables Modifier multiplier, activates Min Qty and Max Qty options),

5. Check-in Modifier multiplier,

Optional: Min Qty and Max Qty - This is to set the min and max limit of the number of topping items that the customers can order. By keeping these options empty, the customers can select one topping, many toppings, or no toppings at all.

6. Save changes.

Note: This modifier won't show up in the Order online menu as no items have been added to it yet.

How to add items to the Multiple Modifier?

Let's add the following items to the Toppings on Whole Pizza modifier:

  • Onions
  • Green Peppers
  • Mushrooms

Also, based on sizes, let's add the following prices to the abovementioned items:

  • Small - $0.50
  • Medium - $1
  • Large - $1.50


1. Click on Toppings on Whole Pizza modifier,

2. Go to "Toppings on Whole Pizza Modifier Items...",

3. Hit Edit

Go to the "Toppings on Whole Pizza's modifiers" properties window on the right side of your computer screen.

4. Add the items using the Add new item option.

5. Select small,

    6. Add prices (You can hit the down arrow icon  to automatically set the same price across all items)

7. Save it

8. Now repeat the above-given steps for medium and large sizes.

How will it show up in the order online menu?

1. Go to the Order online menu

2. Go to WEDNESDAY SPECIAL > Pizza > BBQ Chicken Pizza

Here, you can see for the selected size, the toppings along with their prices appear to the customers.

Now when you select a topping, the modifier multiplier gets activated. You can click on the add and subtract buttons and to decrease or increase the number of items. (With this, the total price of the modifier item also decreases and increases).

How to add this whole item to the bag?

As we marked "Required" on all modifiers, the customer is bound to select an item before checking out.

1. Select a Size

2. Select a Choice of BBQ Sauce

3. Select a type of Crust

4. Select Toppings

Here you can:

  • See the cart summary on the right side of the item, below the item description. Where you can give special instructions for the item, for example - "Add silverware". 
  • Use the and  buttons to adjust the quantity of the whole order.
  • Check the total price of the order shown next to the "Add to bag" button
  • Hit Add to bag to continue with the ordering process.

Note: If a customer doesn't select any of the item from a modifier that was marked "Required" in the settings, the system will pop an alert message saying - "Please select an item" above those modifiers. For example, look at the following screenshot.

In this case, Choice of BBQ Choice and Crust modifiers were marked "Required", whereas, the Min Qty for the Toppings on Whole Pizza modifier was set to 0.