A Modifier that is created to align two or more dependent modifiers under that modifier is called a Master Modifier.

In this article, you'll learn how you can create a Master Modifier and how it functions in the menu.

Initial Steps

1. Be on the Control Panel

2. Go to Menu tab


How you can set up a Master Modifier?

You can choose any menu item in any menu category of a menu. Here, for example, let's take a look at the BBQ Chicken Pizza item in the Pizza category of the Wednesday Special menu that we created in the article - 3. Adding a Menu Category.

Take the following steps:

1. Go to Wednesday Special,

2. Go to Pizza,

3. Click on BBQ Chicken Pizza

We already have a Whole Toppings on Pizza modifier, that we created in the previous article - 10. Multi-Select Modifier with Modifier Multiplier and let’s say, we want to create two more Topping types – Toppings for Left Half and Toppings for Right Half of the pizza that will have the same items and settings as the Whole Toppings on Pizza modifier contains.


And this can be done in two ways:

1. Copy Toppings on Whole Pizza and paste it to Category level modifier two times for the Toppings for Left and Right Half and further edit them.


2. Create a new Category level modifier individually for both.


Here, in this guide, let’s use the former copy and paste method.


Setup for Toppings on Left Half modifier

1. Click on Toppings on Whole Pizza modifier

2. Go to Modifiers...

3. Click on Copy to copy the modifier

4. Click on ...all items in Pizza category (category level modfiier) to create a new category level modifier.

5. Now, click on the last Toppings on Whole Pizza modifier

6. Go to Modifiers... > Edit

7. Rename it to Toppings on Left Half and keep other settings the same

8. Hit Save

Note: All the settings are automatically restored in this modifier as we have copied the whole "Toppings for Whole Pizza" modifier which was the Category level modifier, so it applies to all the sizes for the Toppings on Left Half modifier.


Let’s edit the prices for the Toppings on Left Half modifier.

The prices can be based on Topping items or Dish sizes. Here, for example, let’s edit the prices according to the Pizza (Dish) sizes.

  • Small$0.5
  • Medium$0.5
  • Large$1


Now, to add the above-given prices, follow the steps:

1. Click on the Toppings on Left Half modifier,

2. Go to "Toppings on Left Half Modifier Items..."

3. Hit Edit

4. Add prices to the items as shown in the following screenshots:

a) For small size, add $0.5 for all items and hit Save:


b) For medium size, add $0.5 for all the items and hit Save:


c) For large size, add $1 for all the items and hit Save:


Now repeat the whole above procedure for the Toppings on Right Half modifier. 

    You can:

  1. Copy and paste the Toppings on Left Half modifier to create another category level modifier.
  2. Click on the last modifier with the same name and rename it as Toppings on Right Half.
  3. Add prices to the items (or keep them the same as Toppings on Left Half modifier) and save them.
  4. Keep the rest of the settings same.


Now, the Toppings on Right Half modifier has been created:


Now, this doesn't look intuitive to the customer as there are a lot of toppings and will make them more confused. So we can structure them according to the type of items using the Master modifier.


Adding a Master Modifier

Let's create a Master Modifier called Toppings. To set up a Master modifier, we have to first create a new category level modifier and name it as toppings as shown below. (Read the article - 8. Category Level Modifier to learn how to create a Category level modifier).

Important: Make sure, no modifier is selected while creating a new category level modifier.

Now we have created Toppings modifier.


Now, go to all the three types of toppings (Toppings on Whole Pizza, Toppings on Left Half, and Toppings on Right Half) one by one > go to on Modifiers... > Edit > Add Toppings as Master Modifier, then hit Save.

For example, 

Select Toppings on Whole Pizza > Modifiers... > Edit 

1. In the category modifier properties window, go to Master Modifier and add Toppings as Master Modifier using the drop-down icon,

2. And Save it.


Now repeat the procedure for Toppings on Left Half and Toppings on Right Half modifiers.


The result will look like the following screenshot


How it shows up in the Order online menu?

1. Go to the Order online menu,

2. Go to WEDNESDAY SPECIAL > Pizza > BBQ Chicken Pizza

Now all the 3 modifiers come under the Master Modifier – Toppings and the customer can choose between any of them.