You might want to charge certain items differently as they have a premium price to it. So you want to give them a weight that gets applied when the customer is ordering. Weighted modifiers are especially useful when you have a max limit to your modifier.

In this article, you'll learn why to use a Weighted modifier and how you can assign weights to a modifier.

Initial Steps

1. Be on the Control Panel

2. Go to Menu tab


How to setup Weighted Modifiers?

Let's say, the BBQ Chicken Pizza in the Specials category in the Wednesday Special menu (that we created in the article -  2. Adding a Specials Menu) comes with free toppings, so you want to set a max limit of toppings to 4 that a customer can select with a single order. But, cheese is expensive, so you want a cheese topping to be counted as instead of 1. So if the customer selects a cheese topping then they can only choose 2 more non-cheese toppings. 

So for this, we'll have to add these cheese toppings (in this case, American Cheese and Swiss Cheese) a weight of 2.

First, to set a max limit to the toppings, follow the procedure:

1. Click on the Toppings modifier then

2. Go to Modifier... > Edit > category modifier window,

3. Check-in Multiple selection and Modifier Multiplier (optional),

4. Set Max Qty to 4,

5. Save it

Toppings modifier shows that one can buy less than or equal to 4 toppings max.

Now let's assign weights to the cheese toppings.

Take the following steps:

1. With the Toppings modifier selected, 

2. Go to Toppings Modifier Items...

3. Click Weights

Go to the Toppings's modifier weights window, (where you'll see that by default, all the modifier items have a weight of 1).

4. Change the weights of Cheese to 2,

5. Save it

Now the weights have been applied.

How this shows up in the Order online menu?

Online ordering page > WEDNESDAY SPECIAL > Specials > BBQ Chicken Pizza

Now if you choose more than 4 toppings, the system will show an alert message saying- Please remove 1 item, as shown below:

So the customer can make the following selections:

1. Both cheese items, to add to the bag (2+2 = 4)

2. Or they can select 2 other non-cheese toppings with a cheese topping (2+1+1 = 4)