Smart upsell analyzes the customers' ordering habits to automatically show the most relevant item recommendation to the customers while purchasing a specific item or a combination of items. 

For example, the data says - 500 people have ordered Coke with the BBQ Chicken Pizza, then all other customers who'll buy this pizza will see Coke as the upsell item.

>> In the Control Panel, go to the Menu tab and click the lightning symbolto see the Smart Upsell settings.


How does it show up to the customers?

There are two types of Smart Upsells that show up to the customers: Item-level and Cart-level.

1. In Item-level upsell, the Smart upsell items will appear as the pop-up right after adding the main item. Based on what menu items the customers add, the relevant upsell item(s) will pop up on their screen.

For example, we have added the Kid's Bowl item, so the system has automatically generated the Bowl upsell (see the following screenshot) based on what other people have mostly ordered.

(The customers can Add or Customize the item or close the upsell pop-up to move ahead with their ordering).

2. In Cart-level upsell, if the customer closes the pop-up and moves ahead with the ordering, the Smart upsell items will again show up in the cart alongside the Static Upsell items. 

For example, in the following screenshot, Baked Feta and Grand Ave. Nachos are the Smart upsell items, and French Fries + others in the suggestion box are the Static upsell items.

NoteSince Smart Upsell is a premium feature, talk to your account manager to get it activated.