It can be tedious to update a setting (such as pause or resume) for 50 or 100+ restaurants one by one.

The Bulk Edit feature helps marketplaces, franchises, and restaurant chains update a few settings to multiple restaurants simultaneously. This also saves time and effort to apply the edits to each restaurant individually.


We are supporting the below-mentioned setting options:

  1. Pause ordering: Pauses ordering on your selected restaurants. If a given duration is provided then the resuming will be done automatically after a specified time.


  1. Resume order: This will resume online ordering on all paused restaurants from your selection


  1. Manage Day off: This will add or remove a day off to selected restaurants.


  1. Activate/Deactivate Service: This will update restaurant services(Delivery, Pickup, Curbside & Dine-in). Please make sure that all enabled services are correctly configured.


  1. Set Order Workflow: This will assign an order workflow to selected restaurants, Once this is assigned to all restaurants. Please make sure that all the restaurants already have the subscription assigned and billing is configured.


  1. Add RDS: Add RDS to selected restaurants


  1. Update Settings: This will update general settings for all restaurants, available options are mentioned below:

  1. Preparation Time

  2. Kitchen Close Time

  3. Average Menu Price

  4. Min %tip for delivery orders

  5. Default Tip

  6. Allow Time

  7. Allow Asap

  8. Disable future order

  9. Schedule Order Time

  10. Enable Cart Saving


  1. Update Charges: This will help you to create, update and delete the charges.

  1. Update Contact: This will help you to add the contact details for specified services or all services.


  1. Assign Delivery Market:  This will assign the delivery market.


Update Bulk Edit to multiple restaurants 

Take the following steps to update any of the preceding bulk edit options:

1. Be on the Control Panel homepage.

2. Click the Select Restaurants button (on the top left side of the screen).


3. Search for the restaurants in the search bar and then click the Search button. 

(This will enlist the restaurants with the same name on the left side of the screen as shown in the following screenshot

4. Now, you can click on the Select all button to select all the restaurants in the list.


You can individually check in the restaurants' checkboxes (you want to apply an action). 

And a list of all the "selected" restaurants will be displayed on the right side of the screen (as highlighted in the following screenshot).


Note: The system loads 15 restaurants per page. So if your list exceeds that number, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Next button (to go to the next page of the list of restaurants).



1. "Deselect all" button deselects all selections.

2. "Clear selection" removes the list of selected restaurants.



You can also bulk edit across different restaurants – Once you have a selection, you can again search for other restaurants in the search bar to select them.


Here, in the following screenshot, you can see the new restaurant (highlighted in red) being added alongside the previously selected restaurants (highlighted in yellow). 


Note: You can also search restaurants using tags (attached to the restaurants).


5. After selecting all the restaurants you want to apply the edit to, click the Update Selected Restaurants button that appears on the top (that also shows how many restaurants have been selected).

 6. Now, select a Bulk edit type from the given options.

Below are some examples for reference which are commonly used.


  • Adding Day-Off


Select the Manage Day Off from the list


  1. Action: From the droplist select the appropriate selection.

    1. Add Days Off

    2. Remove Days Off

2. Click the calendar icon and select a date.


3. Now click the update button to update the edit.

After making the bulk update, you will be directed to the Control Panel homepage where you can check the Update Progress at the bottom of the page. It also displays details like – the date, type of bulk edit option you selected, and the number of restaurants the change has been made to.

The system tick marks √  the update process after completion.

Tip: You can go to any of the selected restaurants to check if the edit is applied to them.

For instance, if you want to check the update for a Day Off, go to any of the selected restaurant's Control Panel > Settings > Day Off.


  •  Pausing Ordering

Pauses ordering on your selected restaurants. If a given duration is provided then the resuming will be done automatically after a specified time.


  1. Tomorrow: This option pauses the item until the next morning at 6:00 AM after which, the system will automatically resume the item at that time.

  2. Next Week: This option pauses the item for a week.

  3. Limited for: Here, you can customize the time period you want to pause the item.

  4. Manually Resumed: With this option enabled, you can keep the item offline as long as you want until you manually turn it back on.




  • Resume Ordering

This will resume online ordering on all paused restaurants from your selection



ImportantBulk Edits would automatically trigger Google incremental updates to occur, for restaurants in the Google Channel.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions by emailing at or by calling on toll-free number: 1-888-987-7537