Step 1:  Go to and login using your credentials

Step 2: Go to bottom left side of the page and click on statements.

Sep 3: Select "ALL" in Filter then click search

Note:  If you Select Paid in Filter option then it will show only Paid statements.

 Once you get into the page where you see all your statement:

  • Check the amount showing under Balance Due to know Total Due for each statement.
  • Statement Date is when statement is generated.
  • Status shows if payment has been submitted or not. In the below picture it is showing as paid, it means payment has already been submitted for all the statements generated for this store.

For Example: Balance due for the statement generated on June 6th is $292.55. 

Simplified Version

Follow all the above steps to know the Balance Due for each statement:

  • To know the breakdown of any statement click on Restaurant name under "Statement for". Once you open statement it will look as shown below.
  • Here in the picture below you can see orders details and Total Due with Date of order placed for each order included in the statement.

Note:  Status "Paid" means payment has already been submitted for that statement.

Regular Version

Follow Step 1 to 3 mentioned above:

  • To view statement in detail, click on a statement.
  • On top of the page if Status shows paid it means the payment has already been submitted for the statement marked as paid.
  • Period shows from and to date for which statement is generated. 
  • Amount to Receive is Balance Due for the statement after all the deductions

How to Calculate Amount to Receive or Amount to Pay in a statement

  • Negative Amount in bold needs to be subtracted from the Gross total and positive amount in bold values needs to be added to get the Net total (Amount to receive or Amount to Pay) which will be paid or charged by Zuppler.
  • If the net total is in negative then you will see Amount to Pay instead of Amount to Receive and Balance Due will be in negative.

Note: In the below picture Net total (Amount to receive) after Deductions is in positive $16.50 and status is showing as paid which means restaurant has already been paid this amount.

  • Scroll down to view the order details included in the statement

Once you scroll down you will be able to see Total Due per order and all the Deductions per order

Note : All the negative amounts needs to be deducted from Total of the order and positive amount needs to be added to get Total Due for each order.