➢ First login to customer-service.zuppler.com

➢ Once you logged in you will see search by option on the top right side of the page as shown in the below picture:

You can search orders by searching on the search bar I.E. on the top right side corner of the CS App by entering the 4 digit confirmation code or the order id 

Once you in the order follow below steps to refund or charge the order:

➢ Full Refund

  • Go to “Payment”, click on Full Refund.
  • Add Reason for the full refund and click on proceed with full refund.  




  Note- Do not check below box.

➢ Partial Refund

  • Click on charges & Refunds then click on Add Partial Refund

 1. If you need to issue Refund from subtotal then you should follow below step:

  • Enter the amount that needs to be refunded in the Subtotal box and leave other boxes blank. 
  • Then add Reason for Refund and click on save.



 2. If you need to refund Delivery Fee and Tip then follow below step:

  • Click on Add partial Refund, add amount in Delivery fee box and Tip box
  • Then add Reason for the Refund and click Save.

   Note: Do not refund the Delivery fee and tip more than what was charged on the order.

 ➢ Upcharge

  • Click on Charges & Refunds, then Add Charge, enter the amount of Upcharge in the Subtotal Box
  • Add Reason for the charge and then click on Save.


Note: After saving the charge or Refund if status shows as “paid” then charge or refund

was successful. If it shows any other status then the refund transaction or charge transaction you added was not successful.

 ➢ How to cancel orders

  • Once you pull the order in the CS app it will show a button to cancel the order and you can manually cancel the order by simply click "Cancel" button.


Note: After canceling the order it should trigger a full refund in the Payment section below the initial transaction.

  • If you do not see a full refund in the payment section then hit refresh and check again.

Note: If the status of the Refund or Charge is not "Paid", please contact support@zuppler.com