To add the google integration. Please follow the below steps.


Using the above URL, login into the Control panel

In Control Panel, select the Restaurant for which you want to add google integration

  1. Click the ‘Integrations’ tab at the top.

  1. Click ‘Add Integration

  1. Leave ‘Remote ID’ as is

  2. Type ‘Google’ in the ‘Search Channels’ box

  3. Check the ‘Google’ box

  4. Select the address from the dropdown bar

  5. Add restaurant phone number under ‘Phone’ leading with +1 (make sure there are no symbols or spaces in the phone number)

  6. The business name should match the name used in the location’s Google My Business (GMB)

  7. Paste the website link in the ‘Site URL’ box; if the customer has multiple locations, this should be the restaurant-specific page 

  8. Add Restaurant’s contact email ‘Email’ box

  9. Click ‘Save’

  1. Click ‘n/a’ under ‘Location’ next to the Google channel, select the address from the dropdown menu and click ‘Save Changes.

  1. Ensure that the Business Name and Addressessential


  1. Once the integration is complete, please update the Google Incremental Button from here. This will send the updated feeds to google and within 5-10 mins the GFO button will be visible on the GMB.,

Integration Page

Menu Page

  1. Once you search for a restaurant name on google, for eg. CA Cafe, you will find the Restaurant’s Google My Business (GMB) page.

1. Business Name

2. Google Food Ordering(GFO) Button.

3. Restaurant Address

7. If the customer wants to place an order, the customer has to click the GFO button. Once the customer clicks the button this page will pop up.,

So, do not be confused if you see two zuppler buttons on google.

  1. Zuppler button is the Google menu, from which the customer will order food.

  1. These are the other third parties tied to this account.

  1. This Zuppler button is a place action button that will direct you to, where customers can place their orders. And also, If we disable the Zuppler channel from the integration page it will show a 404 error - restaurant not found.,

8. If an update is made that needs to be pushed more immediately to Google, Please make sure to use the following feature to push a Google incremental update. This will push a new entity feed over to Google, rather than waiting for Google to call into our API, which takes 24-48 hours to update the menu in Google.

9. When restaurants opt-out from the google platform. Please follow the link which will guide the restaurant on how to opt back to the google platform.

**Note: Make sure the radius is not zero. It should be something like "0.1", otherwise, we will receive an error. 

Below are the features which google doesn't support:

  1. Curbside Service
  2. Dine-in Service
  3. Hide Special Instruction
  4. Dependent Modifier
  5. Catering account.
  6. Grouping
  7. Weights
  8. Aliases

** Note: The common question asked by RDS that "How do I remove Service Charge showing upfront on Google?"

We don't want to update this. Google advises against this. 

Google does not support the hidden value field.

Since it could impact our customer satisfaction score (meaning the customer could report they paid more than was advertised upfront), we don't want to update it. We may be removed from GFO if the score drops below a certain level.