Which Clover devices are supported with Delightable?

We integrate with all the available POS terminals Clover has at the moment. The list includes:

  • Android (Flex (1st Gen)

  • Flex (2nd Gen)

  • Mini (1st Gen)

  • Mini (2nd Gen)

  • Mini (3rd Gen)

  • Station

  • Station 2018

  • Station Duo

  • Station Duo (2nd Gen)

  • Station Solo - US, Station Solo - CA

Why are item descriptions and images not pulling over from the Clover menu to Delightable?

forClover does not support passing over item descriptions and images with the menu data. However, we can always set up descriptions and images to your menu items on the Delightable side.

How do I 86 an item and make updates to the online ordering menu?

You can mark an item as unavailable for online ordering in the Clover inventory. Similarly, you can make all the updates to your menu in the Clover inventory/ menu manager. Once you make any changes to the menu in Clover you need to run a sync job in POSaaS to have the changes reflected on the Delightable online ordering page.

Can you send orders to multiple Clover devices for a restaurant?

Yes, we can send the orders to all the devices connected to your Clover merchant account or a specific device of your choice.

Where will the order print when sent to the POS?

be The orders will automatically print on all the printers connected to your Clover device and configured as an order or receipt printer in the Clover Printer app.