Which version of Lightspeed can be integrated with Delightable?

We integrate with Lightspeed L Series POS.

Is Lightspeed K Series supported as an integration?

We don’t support an integration with Lightspeed K Series POS yet.

Can different price levels of items be pulled over with the menu?

Yes, we can import items with either Regular Price, Delivery Price, or Takeaway Price. We can easily switch between the mentioned price levels.

Can orders with Value Added Tax be integrated into Lightspeed POS?

Yes, we support sending over orders with VAT without any issues to Lightspeed POS.

Do you import item images and descriptions from the POS?

Lightspeed does not support passing over item descriptions and images with the menu data. However, we can always set up descriptions and images for your menu items on the Delightable side.

How can I make updates to the online ordering menu?

You can make all the updates to your menu in the Lightspeed menu manager. Once you make any changes to the menu in Lightspeed you need to run a sync job in POSaaS to have the changes reflected on the Delightable online ordering page.