Which type of integration is supported between Delightable and Otter?

The Delightable<>Otter integration has 2 types:

  •  Notification Only: In this type of integration the menu is created and completely managed on Delightable's end. Delightable sends the online orders to the Otter tablet. All the menu updates need to be handled on Delightable.

  • Menu Pull: The menu is managed and gets pulled over to Delightable through Otter in this case. All the menu updates need to be handled in Otter.

How do I 86 an item and make updates to the online ordering menu?

You can 86 items in the Otter menu manager and similarly make all the menu updates there. As soon as the changes are saved and the menu is published to Delightable a sync job will automatically trigger on Delightable and the menu will get updated in real-time on the front end. If you 86 an item for a specific period of time the item will automatically get resumed for online ordering when it is supposed to be.

Do you import images from Otter?

Yes, all the images set up in your Otter menu come over to Delightable and show up on the online ordering page.

Do scheduled orders show up on the Otter tablet as soon as they are placed?

We send the scheduled orders immediately to Otter just as we do for ASAP orders however Otter keeps the scheduled orders in the “Scheduled” tab and shows it in the queue until the fire time is reached.