Is Pixelpoint V20 compatible with Delightable?

Yes, we can successfully integrate online orders into Pixelpoint V20.

How can I set my menu in Pixel to be available for Delightable?

Once you successfully integrate with Delightable, you’ll see some user-definable fields in the Pixel product setup section which lets you configure the menu specifically for Delightable. You can have a different name or description of a product/ item on Delightable. You can make an item active or inactive by updating these user-definable fields. You can also set the sort priorities of different menu items similarly.

How do I push my Pixel menu to Delightable?

We are using a Windows executable app which connects with the Pixel servers to fetch the menu and inject orders. This Delightable POS integrator has the option to push the menu. Once the menu is pushed the online ordering menu will automatically be synced and updates will reflect on the front end.

Do you import item images from Pixelpoint?

Pixelpoint does not support sending over the item images along with the menu data. However, we can assign images to your menu items. You can upload the images to a Delightable picture collection and then assign those images to your menu items.