Does Delightable support the Post Order Adjustment Webhook with Revel?

Yes, Post Order Adjustment Webhook is supported. You can make adjustments to orders in the Revel POS and we will make the same adjustments on our end so that the user can be recharged or refunded as needed.

Can you import combo products from Revel?

The current Delightable<>Revel integration does not support importing Combo Products from Revel. Here's how we configure a combo in Delightable. If a restaurant wants to add a combo we create an original item named Combo and add the items it features as choices/modifier groups to that item. You can follow a similar structure to create combo items in Revel so we can pull them over.

Do you import images from Revel POS?

Yes, Revel supports sending images that you have assigned to your items and ingredients in the menu. We can pull the images along with the menu and show them on the online ordering page.

How do I 86 an item or make updates to the menu?

You can make all the updates to your menu in Revel dashboard. Once the changes are saved you need to run a sync job in POSaaS to have the changes reflected on the Zuppler online ordering page.

Do you support the Weborders API integration with Revel?

Yes, we support both All in one and Weborders API integration with Revel.

Can you import Matrix products from Revel?

No, we don’t support pulling in items having matrix details tied to them. If there are matrix products in the menu those won’t show up for online ordering.