Does Zuppler support different pricing strategies available in Toast?

Delightable supports regular, menu specific, and size specific pricing. We don’t support time specific pricing at this time though. Any items with time pricing strategy won’t come over to Delightable.

What do I need to configure in Toast to receive Delightable orders with discounts?

Deligtable needs an Open $ check discount configured in Toast in order to map Delightable discounts in orders being sent to Toast.

How do I control printing in Toast?

The articles below can be referenced to know how to handle printing in Toast:

When I refund an order in Delightable, does the refund reflect in Toast check as well?

Any adjustments made in Zuppler won’t reflect on Toast and vice versus.

Do you import images from Toast POS?

Yes, we can pull over item images that are set up in your Toast dashboard and show it on the online ordering page.

How do I 86 an item or make updates to the menu?

You need to make all the menu updates within your Toast dashboard. When changes are made in the menu and published, a sync job automatically triggers on our end to have the changes reflect on the front end.