Promo Codes

Am I able to create my own promo code for a discount?
Yes, you can create your own unique promo code for a discount.
Are there any character restrictions when creating a unique promo code?
No, you can use letters, numbers, and special characters
Are promo codes case-sensitive?
No, promo codes are not case-sensitive.
Can I create more than one unique promo code for a discount?
Yes, you can set up a single discount and you will have the ability to create as many promo codes as needed and with different valid dates if necessary. 
Is it possible to create multiple codes with the same valid dates, so I can send unique codes to customers instead of using the same code for everyone?
Yes, our system can automatically generate as many codes as you need. You can even customize the length, character style, prefix, and suffix. 
Can each promo code I create for a single discount have different valid dates?
Yes, for each promo code that you assign to a discount, you can set up start and end times and dates. 
Is it possible for me to restrict customers from redeeming a promo code more than one time?
Our system gives you the flexibility to set up the maximum number of uses a promo code can be applied per customer
Can I restrict the number of times a promo code can be used by all customers instead of per customer?
Yes, you can set a maximum limit for the number of times a promo code can be used. Customers will have the flexibility to redeem it multiple times, but once...
Can I download my promo codes?
Yes, you can download your promo codes for a specific discount within the discount setup under promo codes.