Item Level Discounts

What type of item level discounts can I create?
BOGO offers Free item with qualifying items Free item with order minimum Free toppings
How many qualifying items can I require for an item level discount?
You can require a maximum of two qualifying items for an item level discount
Do my qualifying items need to be within the same category?
No, each qualifying item can be from the same category or from a different category.
Do I need to set up my item level discount with a qualifying item?
No, you are not required to assign a qualifying item for an item-level discount to be applied. 
Can I attach an image to my item-level discounts?
Yes, you can upload an image when setting up your item-level discount, and it will be displayed on the menu for the respective item-level discount.
How are customers able to see my item-level discounts?
If the item level discount does not require a promo code, it will be displayed at the top of the menu with a title, description, and image (optional). If th...
Can I offer both Regular Discounts (dollar off / percentage off) and Item Level Discounts to my customers at the same time?
Yes. Regular discounts will be showcased on the checkout page and the menu page, ensuring your customers don't miss out. Item level discounts will be pr...
Can a customer apply an item-level discount to items already in their cart?
No, it's not possible. When selecting an item-level discount, the wizard will prompt the user to add the selected item/ items during the process. Even i...