What information do I need to provide in order to get paid?
You will need to provide your bank account information in the form of an ACH which also serves as a W9 for 1099-k preparation purposes.  
How will you get paid?
Once the banking information is received, we will create a connection to send payments to and pull payments from this bank account, based on the value of yo...
Can I change my bank account at any time?
Yes, with the provision of a new ACH form, this can be accommodated.
What do these statements include?
Based on what you are being charged, these statements will include all credits and debits in summary form and also detailed per order, within a designated a...
How often do I get paid?
The cadence of payments is dictated by the billing period.  For daily payments, you will get paid on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunda...
How often will I get charged?
Similarly to payments, it is dictated by the cadence of your billing period. Can I change this period if I want to be paid faster or slower? Yes.
How can I reconcile my deposits or charges?
You can reconcile them by reading your statements that are referenced in for these deposits or charges, in our back end.  Each statement will have a summary...