Zuppler Online Ordering

Can we pause/ 86 an item but still display in the guest UI?
Yes, using the sold-out feature we can display a paused item on the guest UI with a sold-out tag. This item cannot be added to the cart.
Do you support cut off’s
Yes, you can define a cut-off based of the day of the week, time, and duration.
What happens if an item I ordered is out of stock?
Usually, the menus are up to date but if the order is placed with an item that is out of stock then a refund is issued or the out of stock item is replaced ...
Can I schedule a recurring order or subscription service?
This feature is not available at the moment.
How do I place an order online?
You need to visit the online ordering page to place your order. Once on the online ordering page complete the necessary actions to build your order/ cart an...
What happens if there's an issue with the online ordering system?
Guests can reach out to our 24x7 customer support via email at help@zuppler.com or call us at 888-987-7537
How are delivery fees calculated, and are they subject to change?
They are charged as per the configuration and are subject to change as per approval from the restaurant/ delivery service provider.
Is there an option to leave a review or rating for the restaurant?
Yes, guests can leave a review after the order is placed. They can also rate individual items ordered as well.
Are there any rewards for referring friends to the online ordering platform?
As of now, there are no referral programs from guests ordering from the online ordering platform.
Can I save my favorite orders for quick reordering in the future?
Yes, guests can save their orders as favorites and can be accessed in the user profile for reordering.