There a few reasons why a customer may not be able to redeem a discount:

The customer is attempting to redeem while they are ordering as a guest vs. signed into their online ordering account: Discounts that have a usage limit, whether it be the number of times a customer can redeem the discount or promo code, the user is required to sign in to their account to redeem the discount.

Limit reached: The customer may have already reached the maximum redemptions for the discount.

Minimum order required not reached: If the discount requires a minimum order amount, the customer’s subtotal may have not reached the minimum. Minimum order requirements are on the subtotal and do not include tax, tip, or any other fees.

Invalid date: The discount may have already expired

The customer is not within the discount parameters that deem it valid: If the discount is set to be redeemable on specific days, time of day, and/ or for a specific service type (ie: pickup, delivery, curbside), the customer may not be within those parameters.

  1. Example: Customer is ordering pickup and trying to redeem a discount that is only valid for delivery orders

  2. Example: Customer is placing an order at 7pm and the discount is only available for redemptions between 2:00PM and 5:00PM.

  3. Example: Customer is placing an order on a Saturday and the discount is only valid on weekdays.