Redeeming Discounts

How does a customer redeem a discount with a promo code?
Customers have two options that they can choose when applying a discount to their order. Option 1: Enter the promo code in the promo code box at the to...
How does a customer redeem a discount that does not have a promo code?
If a discount does not have a promo code, it will show at the top of your online ordering menu, under your menu’s categories. A customer can redeem by simpl...
A customer is not able to redeem a discount, why would that be?
There a few reasons why a customer may not be able to redeem a discount: The customer is attempting to redeem while they are ordering as a guest vs. sig...
Can a customer redeem a discount for a scheduled future order that is outside the discount valid date?
Discounts and promo code valid dates are determined by the date and time the customer places their order and not the date and time the order is for. As long...
Can I set up a discount to be only redeemable on certain service types?
Yes, you can set up a discount so that it can only be applied when the user is ordering for a specific service type: pickup, delivery, or curbside.
Can guests redeem discounts in-store?
No, discounts can only be redeemed for online ordering.
How can I prevent abuse of discounts?
Zuppler offers security features to prevent misuse of discounts, including limiting usage frequency, expiration dates, and unique promo codes.
Can a customer redeem both a discount and a reward in the same order?
Yes, customers can apply one discount and redeem one reward within the same order.