Can we turn off ZDS?
Yes, we can turn off ZDS from the ZDs setup. In this case, after turning off the ZDS all the delivery-specific settings would be picked from restaurant-level Delivery services settings. If that is empty too, the orders will not go through for delivery.

Can we turn off ZDS restaurants from the marketplace?
Yes, we can do that by unchecking the “use-zds” flag from the channel settings which will hide all the restaurants that are on ZDS.

Can we have different kinds of delivery restaurants in the Marketplace like ZDs and non-ZDS?
Yes, we can do that by checking the “use-zds” flag on the channel settings and this will allow us to show all the restaurants which is on ZDS on Marketplace

How do we manage delivery availability with ZDS?
We have that option at the restaurant level which allows us to define delivery availability according to days.

How is delivery time being calculated with ZDS?
We have an option to define delivery minutes while you create delivery rules. That time will show the time to deliver the order also that time is compared with live Google API feeds to check the time to reach that location if that time is greater than what we’ve defined in the delivery rules it will override that time for that order.