Delivery Solutions

What RDS/ Dispatching services do we have?
We’ve multiple RDS's services Nash, Datadreamer, Cartwheel, Doordash, First/ Habitat, Dlivrd, Onfleet, Shipday, Vromo
What kind of options are there to define delivery fees?
We have multiple options to charge as delivery fees while setting up the ZDS market: Use Zuppler fee - In this case, whatever fee is defined in the del...
What type of area can we define for delivery?
We can have multiple options to define the delivery area as maps: Polygon - In this option, you can send us the files containing coordinates which will...
Can we assign a single restaurant to multiple ZDS?
Yes, we can assign single restaurants to multiple ZDSs.
How would the delivery fee be decided if my restaurant is in multiple ZDS markets?
When a restaurant is in multiple markets whichever market has the highest delivery area by miles will be selected.  Let's say market  A has max deli...
Can restaurants continue to be on 3rd party websites when I integrate with you?
Yes, restaurants can be on 3rd party websites and also can integrate with us. In this case, the restaurants can be assigned to Nash or Datadreamers.
Can restaurants charge a different delivery fee for higher order amounts?
Yes, they can. We have an option to override delivery fees which will allow restaurants to charge different delivery fees for higher amounts. In the abo...
Can restaurants use their own drivers? Also, can it overflow to DoorDash if no drivers are available?
Yes, restaurants can have their own drivers and it can overflow through Nash or Datadreamer using ZDS.
Can we integrate Google restaurants to ZDS?
Yes, you can. By connecting with restaurants to the ZDS market and then pushing the Goggle increment from the ZDS setup.
How do we know if orders are reaching Nash or Datadreamers?
We have an availability call in place which allows us to know if Nash or Datadreamer can accept orders right now if not then the user will get an error whil...